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Barbara Dzino

President & Founder

Barbara Dzino is studying for a Masters at the Karolinska Insitutet in the field of Biomedicine with a background in Molecular Biotechnology.

Barbara is originally from Vienna, Austria but has lived in several countries during her undergraduate and postgraduate career. During her time as a postgraduate she started balancing her heavily scientific background with the more entrepreneurial environment of start-ups and innovation. Barbara is driven, enjoys learning, and always seeks to acquire new skills, which makes the entrepreneurial field a great fit for her.

When Barbara came across the Innovation Forum during a semester abroad in Barcelona, she did not hesitate to follow up on the opportunity. This led her to reorient her professional career towards the entrepreneur and start-up environment, with the aim to deepen her impact on shaping the life science industry.

She has since relocated to Dublin, where the Innovation Forum had not been established and therefore gave her the opportunity to rise up to the challenge of founding a new branch!

Other team Members

Joel Sabaniego

Project Manager

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Jason Pettiaux


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Maria Chatzou


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Joao Curado

Innovation and Technologies Coordinator

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