Dr Jenny Kechagia

Management Associate

Postdoctoral researcher

Passionate about science, Jenny Kechagia, has devoted her career to research. She has always been aspired by the merge of different disciplines that can maximize the scientific potential and technological output of academic research.

Having completed her doctoral degree in Cell Biology at University College London (UCL), she moved to Barcelona to work as a Postdoctoral scientist at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia (IBEC). Her work is on the merge of Cell Biology and Mechanics, while she explores potential therapeutic applications.

She is actively engaged in knowledge transfer and outreach activities and her goal is to make scientific outcomes accessible to everyone, maximizing the contribution of research into society. Jenny Kechagia has an enthusiastic and diligent personality aiming to make a positive impact through her participation at the Innovation Forum Barcelona

Other team Members

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Innovation and Technologies Coordinator

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Project Manager

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