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Joao Curado

Innovation and Technologies Coordinator

Joao Curado, PhD, is a computational biologist by training with a strong background in genomics and transcriptomics. He’s also a passionate entrepreneur and a familiar face in Barcelona entrepreneurial ecosystem where he started the local Innovation Forum branch.

During his PhD, Joao used next­generation sequencing data to study gene expression in humans and in model organisms such as mice and flies. Although the project was mainly in the areas of basic biology he also developed a strong interest for translational research and at the moment he’s trying to leverage his expertise in genomics into diagnostics. He’s the co-founder of Flomics, a company that studies the transcriptomic signals in human fluids to diagnose prevalent and complex diseases such as coronary artery disease and cancer.

His motivation is to continuously learn more about entrepreneurship and to use it to create an impact in the world. At the same time he wants to bring other entrepreneurs along and that’s why he decided to found the Innovation Forum Barcelona.

Are you interesting in knowing more? Please write him at [email protected]­forum.org or get connected in Linkedin.

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