Jason Pettiaux


Jason has always been interested in learning how things work and that naturally lead him to study engineering. However, he’s interested in the practice as much as in the theory because in the end practice is the real world.
After his Master in Biomedical Engineering at Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and an Erasmus and an internship in Medical Image Analysis in Berlin, Jason discovered his interests in languages. He now speaks fluently French, English and German fluently, Dutch and Italian with a decent level and he´s currently working on his Spanish.
His interest in how things work and how things are in the real world lead him to take interest in entrepreneurship as it is the practical world of technology. He’s passionate about sustainable technology, biotechnology, blockchain and science and technology in general as well as in psychology, communication and leadership.
As he’s convinced that entrepreneurship is the path to bring new options for society, he’s now focused on learning more about business.
And that’s why he joined Innovation Forum.

Are you interesting in knowing more? Please write him
at [email protected] or get connected on Linkedin.

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