Ricky Pérez Wienese

President Innovation Forum Barcelona

Project Manager & Developer, Universal Doctor; Co-founder, EpidemiXs

Perseverant and goal oriented biotechnology graduated at the University of Barcelona and also master graduated on Health biotechnology, technology and biotech company management at CESIF. Currently I'm joining abeona, an exciting new entrepreneurial project patient-oriented looking to accompany oncologic patients and give support to oncologists in order to accomplish personalized treatments at the examination room or at patients's home. With good communication skills in English as well as in Spanish, Catalan and Dutch I am a very motivated person with a great desire to improve. I've been playing tennis semiprofessionally and teaching kids while I was attending my biotechnology degree, I've learned a lot about responsibility, leading and patience. I love challenges and to work goal-oriented.

Other team Members

Judit Arguimbau Julian

Marketing Associate

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Carlos García-Ramos

Operations Manager

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Carla Mate Goldar

Management Associate

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Enrique Fernandez Serra

Barcelona Branch Leader

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Joel Sabaniego

Former President Innovation Forum Barcelona

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