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Pablo Prieto

Project Manager

B.Sc. Informatics Engineering, Barcelona, Spain
M.Sc Bioinformatics, University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Ph.D. Biomedicine, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona

Pablo received his PhD degree from the university Pompeu Fabra for his work at the Centre for Genomic Regulation. During his PhD Pablo explored alternatives and new methodologies applied to data analysis in Next Generation Sequencing projects, which creates many challenges at computational and management level. His focus led him to apply new technological paradigms while doing research around the evolution of genomes and populations on different organisms such as human, mouse, chicken and some of the most deadliest parasitic diseases in the world.

As someone coming from the technological side he is always interested in new technical developments and how they can impact modern society to shape our world. He decided to join Innovation Forum Barcelona in order to be closer to both industry and new entrepreneurship talents that might be the next revolution that bridge the gaps between academia and the real life practice.