Introducing the startups of Imagine IF! Barcelona 2019

Gianmarco Di Mauro Written by Gianmarco Di Mauro
Published on 09 February 2019
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Meet the participants of this year’s edition of IMAGINE IF Barcelona

IMAGINE IF! is Innovation Forum’s pre-accelerator competition for science-based ventures that boasts a truly global reach.

The 2019 edition of IMAGINE IF! is already up and running! A pool of experts coordinated by the Barcelona team of Innovation Forum selected nine of the most promising science-based startups among the many that applied to this year local competition. We are very excited to share with you the startups participating in this year’s program in Barcelona:


RheoDx develops a portable in-vitro diagnosis device that improves efficiency in the monitorization of patients with hematological diseases. It immediately detects abnormalities present in red blood cells, with a single drop of blood. 


Loop Dx

The first rapid test that identifies bacterial infections in the blood through immune activity. This diagnostic tool aids emergency physicians make better clinical decisions and optimize sepsis management.



Flomics is using liquid biopsies with circulating RNA molecules for the early detection and monitoring of complex diseases such as Colon Cancer or Coronary Artery Disease. With machine learning algorithms we identify RNA changes that are associated with disease states in a faster, cheaper and non-invasive way. Social media: @Flomicsbiotech and linkedin



MiMARK is born to fulfill your needs on biomarker research, by helping you to develop non-invasive IVD products. Our first product is CEMARK, the next step in the precise diagnosis of endometrial cancer. CEMARK is an IVD based on 5 protein biomarkers analyzed in a uterine fluid that allows the diagnosis of endometrial cancer, including information to guide surgical decisions.


AtG is based on the idea of fighting cancer’s therapeutic resistance from a dual perspective, development of novel inhibitors to prevent resistance accompanied by a diagnostic test of patient selection.



Aortyx is a spin-off from the IQS School of Engineering and Hospital Clínic de Barcelona dedicated to develop novel Solutions to solve aortic diseases. Its first product in the pipeline is an endovascular adhesive patch to treat aortic dissections. Aortyx has now opened its Seed Round of 1.1 million €.


Biel Glasses

Biel is the name of a child who has low vision, a visual disability 7 times more common than blindness that cannot be corrected with regular glasses, medicine, or surgery.  Patient surveys show that mobility issues are the most handicapping effect of low vision.  A team of technology, optometry and medicine experts has joined to create digital glasses that use 3D Vision, AI and Mixed Reality to enhance reality, detecting and signaling obstacles and providing other functions to improve mobility and personal autonomy of people with low vision.



TargetRank is based on the innovative idea of generating novel small molecules targeting RANK for the treatment of triple negative breast cancer, where no targeted therapies are available.


Galactica Biotech

We are developing a compound exchange platform that will help pharmaceutical companies acquire and transfer Intellectual Property in a fast and efficient way.

The Pitch Competition is coming!

During January and February our mentors will give a total of 13 workshops to the participants of Imagine IF! as well as on-demand 1-to-1 mentoring sessions. Do not miss the chance to see the results in our Barcelona final the 5th of march! Register here

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