Adam Skali

Barcelona Branch Leader

Adam holds a degree in Biotechnology and a master's in Multidisciplinary Research from UPF-BIST, with a focus on biophysics and biomedicine. He has been involved in innovation and health programs with top institutions globally, including KTH, Johnson & Johnson, CIMTI, Health Inc, and Banco Santander among others.

In the business realm, Adam achieved success in national and international competitions, securing public funding, and building a valuable healthcare network. As COO of Luci Health, he led the startup from inception to securing funding rounds and investment from a major European health accelerator. Through his latest project, TheTowerBrand, Adam delivered substantial value to clients from top institutions like Roche, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Telefónica. He also serves as the International Relations Coordinator of the International e-Health Forum.

Additionally, Adam is an active member and occasional representative of prominent organizations promoting innovation and research, including EIT Health, EIT Digital, Sense About Science, and the "Congrés de petits i petites científiques. Altes capacitats.

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