Gianmarco Di Mauro

Business Development Associate

I am a molecular biologist with several years of research experience both in the private sector and academia. I was born in Italy where I obtained a Bachelor degree in biology from the university of Catania and a Masters degree in Molecular and Cellular biology from the University of Bologna. After my Master’s graduation, due to my interest in neuropharmacology, I moved to the UK to work as a research assistant in the neurodegeneration drug hunting team at Eli Lilly & Co. After this experience, I went back to Italy to further my research molecular therapy at the Telethon institute of genetics and medicine (TIGEM). Later I decided to embark in a PhD at the Institute for research in Biomedicine (IRB) in Barcelona to work on epigenetics and transcription regulation. I am currently enrolled in my final year of my PhD degree and would like to use my professional knowledge to promote technology transfer in life science and development of the biotech sector.

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