Joel Sabaniego

President Innovation Forum Barcelona

Joel is a biotechnologist and has an MSc in Business Management and in Health Economics from Barcelona. His main interest lies at the intersection between science, economics and policy.

He has worked in various areas of the life sciences industry, from research to product launch, in Spain and the United Kingdom. With sizeable experience analysing healthcare deals, he is now focused on achieving optimal access and P&R for new health technologies within the pharmaceutical industry.

Resourceful, results-oriented and always looking for a new challenge, he leads Innovation Forum Barcelona to help build a more connected and active Life Sciences ecosystem in Barcelona and in Europe.

Other team Members

Gianmarco Di Mauro

Business Development Associate

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Dr Jenny Kechagia

Management Associate

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Carlos García-Ramos

Operations Manager

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Dr Joao Curado


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Dr Sarah Bazzocco

Marketing Manager

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