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Published on 16 October 2017
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It was a geat day, full of highly innovative business ideas. The judges Karolina Korth (Roche), Iolanda Marchueta (Astrazeneca) and Àlex Casta (Caixa Capital Risk) decided among 10 startups to give the first place to MJN Neuroserveis: a wearable solution to prevent epilepsy seizures. Now MJN Neuroserveis has access to the global final, to be held on 4th and 5th December in Oxford, UK during Innovation Forum Leaders Conference 2017.
David Blánquez Caurel and Marina Rincón (MJN Neuroserveis) and Mar Eroles, President of Innovation Forum (middle).


And, how does MJN prevent epileptic attacks?
MJN’s kit is composed by an earpiece and a bracelet that transfer data to a mobile application. This gadget monitors encephalogram data and uses Artifical Intelligence (AI) to predict epilepsy seizures. An important breakthrough is the social impact of the product as it enables the patient to use it easily, anywhere and in a non-invasive way, improving the patients’ quality of life. 
According to World Health Organization WHO, more than 50 million people in the world suffer from this neuronal dysfunction that normally presents frequent convulsions. Currently the project is in the final phase of business development and testing with local and international health institutions. They plan to sell the equipment (always under prescription) in Spain and Europe from 2018 and enter the US market in 2019.
The second place was for Avida Biotech, an affordable innovative drug for people living at the bottom of the social pyramid. With focus on treatment and prevention of neglected and emerging diseases, such as Dengue and Zika. There are currently no treatments for these diseases and their impact is increasing due to many factors, including climate change.
Jesus Purroy CEO of AVIDA Biotech 
And the third place went for BioEclosion and its solution CeliFast, a rapid diagnosis of celiac disease at point of care, based on magneto actuated platforms and deamidated magnetic peptides. Co-developed with University of Barcelona, this solution can diagnose a person’s celiac disease within 10 minutes.
Jofre Ferrer-Dalmau CEO of BioEclosion

We want to thank all the institutionally supporters, namely AMCES and IQS Tech Factory, and people who have been part of IMAGINE IF! / Barcelona Demo Day 2017: Startups who have participated in the whole process from the initial call to this great local final, mentors who were part of IMAGINE IF!, the judges of BCN DEMO DAY. Special thanks to Carlos Grau for giving an great and inspirational keynote in Corporate Ventures and of course the Mobile World Centre Barcelona.

IMAGINE IF! 2017 – BCN Demo Day

See you on IMAGINE IF! 2018.




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