Meet the 10 startups selected for IMAGINE IF! 2017

Written by Dr Marek Tyl
Published on 01 September 2017
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Meet the 10 startups selected for IMAGINE IF! 2017

10 startups have been chosen to enter in our acceleration program IMAGINE IF! which will start next Tuesday, September 5th in Barcelona. The election was conducted by an evaluation committee, coordinated by the Innovation Forum.

These teams will receive 6 months of workplace in Barcelona, one personalized mentoring program from AMCES and the opportunity to represent Barcelona at the final pitch competition in Oxford in front of all the international industry professionals, stakeholders and investors.

We need to thank all the partners and teams that applied. 

These are the 10 startups that will be part of IMAGINE IF! Barcelona 2017:

  1. Avida Biotech Affordable innovative drugs for people living at the bottom of the pyramid. With focus on treatment and prevention of neglected and emerging diseases, such as Dengue and Zika. There are currently no treatments for these diseases and their impact is increasing due to many factors, including climate change.
  2. IOMED has developed the first Electronical Health Record (EHR) software capable of understanding, extracting and structuring the clinical data introduced by the doctor in the medical record.
  3. Nanoboost It’s mission is to engineer a novel oral pharmaceutical form that will allow personalizing drug delivery to each patient’s needs. This will enable patients to take their medication at a single hour in the day, as their daily posology will be integrated in this single oral pharmaceutical form, according to the doctor’s prescription.
  4. MJN Neuroservices is a project for a complete real-time monitoring system for epileptic people, consisting of a personal device for data collection and an external system for helping the person, keeping records, reporting and detecting possible emergencies. The main goal is the ability to generate an early warning of the seizure.
  5. BioEclosion The aim of BioEclosion is to contribute in the development of the next generation of rapid diagnostic test (RDTs) for low-resource settings to solve societal challenges, including diseases affecting global health. BioEclosion explore three key cross-cutting technological challenges that have been identified as bottlenecks in RDTs.
  6. CreatSens is a novel paper-based sensor platform for healthcare that aims to improve the well-being of people by allowing the monitoring of relevant biochemical parameters of blood (such as creatinine and potassium)
    out of the lab.
  7. Nanoligent The Nanotechnology Group of the Universitat Autònoma
    de Barcelona (UAB) has developed a patent protected new drug with extremely
    successful results in preclinical studies treating metastatic cancer. This
    technology has been licensed to Nanoligent for development. Nanoligent plans to conduct preclinical and clinical trials of our new anti-metastatic cancer. This
    technology has been licensed to Nanoligent for development.
  8. SmartMonkey Data cleaner from companies in order to extract patterns and useful information that can improve operations.
  9. Sense4Care Based on all the developed knowledge and know-how along more than 9 years of activity in Parkinson Desease related projects. A set of real-time processing algorithms embedded in an under industrial development process device (pending of medical device certification), is the real set of the IP of the company.
  10. Zymvol Biomodeling: Currently enzymes are developed in laboratories in a costly process that normally takes over a year and is based on trial and error. Zymvol’s disruptive technology replaces thousands of experiments with fast, accurate, and efficient computer simulations. We are able to design a new enzyme in less than one month, allowing our customers to save up to 70% of its resources, time and money.
And these are the dates and topics for the workshops that are coming for our startups:

5/09: Xavier Casares – Tibidabo Ventures: Checking my business model.
6/09: Cecília López – CsyM: Good Practices in Technology Transfer.
*12/09: Francisco Carballo – Unoon: Digital Marketing and Communication (Date to be confirmed).
14/09: Joanna Parlinska – Hewlet Packard: Design Thinking. 
19/09: Lluís Pareras – Health Equity: From idea to market: Negotitation process with investors.
20/09: Alejandro Sánchez – F. Iniciativas: Public Fundraising.
21/09: Carlos Martínez, M&Partners: Partnership Agreement.
26/09: Marc Serra – B.Global: Sales 1.
28/09: Carlota Lasierra – B.Global: Sales 2.
29/09: Júlia Pardo – Wow! Imagine a pitch!

By the end of the program all teams should have a stronger business plan and communication pitch for the Barcelona DEMO DAY. The best teams from the local competition will enter the global IMAGINE IF! where they’ll receive training from world class experts and seasoned entrepreneurs from all over the world.

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